Commitment in developing
and implementing Sustainable Development Goals
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What is CSRA?

Those interested in the CSRA certificate will have a basic level of proficiency in assurance engagement related to sustainability or CSR reporting and thus have an opportunity to become a more professional assurer and develop   capability in the following areas:

  • Examining the completeness and compliance of sustainability/CSR reports
  • Identifying any data and information omitted that could have been included
  • Independent comments on targets, impacts, shortcomings and recommendations
  • Assessment of sustainability/CSR reporting including interpretation of reported data and performance

To  join  CSRA  training,  the participants are required to complete Certified  Sustainability Reporting Specialist (CSRS) training first.

Global Reporting Initiative
Certified Sustainability Reporting Assuror
GRI Standard & AccountAbility (AA1000)
National Center for Sustainability Reporting
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