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ASR Rating 2020


Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRRAT) 2020, is initiated by the NCSR. It is the third year of Asia SustainabilityReporting Rating (ASRRAT), which was previously called the Sustainability Reporting Awards (SRA).This event has been held since 2005, This year will be the 16th acknowledgement and appreciation by NCSR to companies that have made a Sustainability Report (SR).
ASRRAT 2019 was attended by 41 domestic companies and 9 foreign companies (Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, and Bangladesh).

Assessments are carried out by Judges and Assessors from academics who are Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist.

The ASRRAT 2020 will be held in Jakarta,  December 16th, 2020.
Call for Entries ends September 30th 2020.
Submit your entry ASAP!

Information about participants, registration requirements, benefits, rating categories, address of ASR 2020 Committee, scoring and entry submission are available on the ASR Rating 2020 PDF below.

Use form below to register online. Our administration staff will follow up your registration request.

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