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About Asia SR Rating

SPC goes hand in hand with the event Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASR Rating) 2018, which is initiated by the NCSR. It is the first year of NCSR will initiate the Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASR Rating), which was previously called the Sustainability Reporting Awards (SRA). This event has been held since 2005. The year will be the 14th acknowledgment and appreciation to companies that have made a Sustainability Report (SR), held by NCSR.

The difference between ASR Rating 2018 and previous years of SRA, appears in the system that has been applied. In this year, all participants will be awarded but may be different from one another. The Award depends on the results of the SR assessed (rating: platinum, gold, silver or bronze).

ASR Rating 2018 will be attended by 38 domestic companies and 18 foreign companies (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Bangladesh). Assessments are carried out by Judges and Assessors who are Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist from ICSP and academics.

Since 2017, ASR Rating (formerly named as SRA) has been circulated between different regions in Indonesia for better reaching out to regional contributions in supporting SDGs’s achievement. The ASR Rating 2018 will start the SPC 2018 implementation in Lampung on 8 December 2018.

Global Reporting Initiative
Certified Sustainability Reporting Assuror
GRI Standard & AccountAbility (AA1000)
National Center for Sustainability Reporting