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About Asia SR Rating

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a world agenda that has been running since it was inaugurated in 2015. The Indonesian government and stakeholders, including practitioners, have carried out various strategic steps to support their achievements. SDGs has become the rationale for a shared understanding for all parties involved.

Through a sustainability report, it can be seen the contribution of the company or organization in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainability reporting provides key stakeholders with an understanding of the sustainability impacts to key business activities of companies, and the strategic actions taken by the companies in response to these impacts. Thus, sustainability reporting reflects companies’ accountability in conducting their business affairs in responsible manner in order to enable the stakeholders to evaluate the implementation there of.

For that, as an acknowledgment and appreciation to companies that have made sustainability report, National Center for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR) holds a Sustainability Reporting Awards (SRA) every year, since 2005. The aim of this awards is also to motivate and accelerate sustainability reporting of companies by rewarding outstanding attempts to communicate corporate performance in three aspects (economics, social and environment). As such, the awards do not comment on performance itself, instead it primarily focuses on transparency and reporting compliance to sustainability reporting guideline developed by the Global Reporting Initiative.

Since the inception of the awards, the number of participants has steadily increased from only seven participants in 2005 with only one company publishing a stand-alone Sustainability Report to fifty-six participants in year 2018. The awards are not just catered for public-listed companies and this is reflected in the background of the participants, which consist of listed companies, non-listed companies and Non-Governmental Organization. As more companies start to realize that they have a responsibility not only to their shareholders but also to stakeholders, the positive trend of companies

Indonesia Sustainability Reporting Awards (ISRA):

  • 2005, Jakarta: 7 participants
  • 2006, Jakarta: 10 participants
  • 2007, Jakarta: 12 participants
  • 2008, Jakarta: 18 participants
  • 2009, Jakarta: 23 participants
  • 2010, Jakarta: 23 participants
  • 2011, Jakarta: 33 participants
  • 2012, Jakarta: 30 participants

Name changed to Sustainability Reporting Awards (SRA):

  • 2013, Jakarta: 36 participants
  • 2014, Jakarta: 35 participants
  • 2015, Jakarta: 37 participants
  • 2016, Jakarta: 50 participants
  • 2017, Solo: 40 participants

Name changed to Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRR):

  • 2018, Lampung: 56 participants

Year 2018 is the first year of NCSR initiated the Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRR), which was previously called the Sustainability Reporting Awards (SRA). The difference between ASRR and previous years of SRA appears in the system that has been changed from Winner to Rating. Starting this year, all participants will be awarded but may be different from one another. The Award depends on the result of the SR assessed (rating: platinum, gold, silver or bronze). And because the participants are not only from Indonesia, but also from other countries in Asia, the brand name is “Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating”, in short as Asia SR Rating or ASRR. This is the first sustainability report rating system in Asia.

Since 2017, ASRR (formerly named as SRA) has been circulated between different regions in Indonesia through a conference named Sustainability Practitioner Conference (SPC) for better reaching out to regional contributions in supporting SDGs’s achievement. SPC is hosted by NCSR and the Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners (ICSP) since 2017. The 1st SPC was previously held in Malang, the 2nd SPC in Solo, and the 3rd SPC in Lampung.

Global Reporting Initiative
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