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About NCSR

NCSR – In Brief

NCSR is the first independent organization to develop sustainability reporting in Indonesia and the first organization to introduce the term “sustainability report” in Indonesia. NCSR was established in 2005 by 4 Chairman of organizations / associations in Indonesia, namely :

  1. Ali Darwin, Chairman of the Indonesian Management Accountants Institute (Institut Akuntan Manajemen Indonesia/IAMI).
  2. Airlangga Hartarto, Chairman of the Public Listed Companies Association (Asosiasi Emiten Indonesia/AEI).
  3. Elmar Bouma, Chairman of the Indonesia-Netherlands Association (INA).
  4. Mas Achmad Daniri, Chairman of National Committee on Governance (Komite Nasional Kebijakan Governance/KNKG).
  5. Eddy Gunadi (Alm), Chairman of Forum for Corporate Governance in Indonesia (FCGI).

The NCSR activity was initially to socialize the sustainability reporting system in Indonesia based on the Sustainability Report Handbook created by ACCA UK in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment Indonesia.

At the book launch event (2004), the Minister of Environment asked the Indonesian Management Accountants Institute / Institut Akuntan Indonesia (IAI) to disseminate the guidebook in Indonesia. This socialization was then used as a work program by IAMI (Indonesian Institute of Management Accountants/ Institut Akuntan Manajemen Indonesia).

In 2005 – 2007, NCSR actively disseminated sustainability report through seminars, workshops and audiences with the Directors of several BUMNs in addition to courtesy calls to several Ministers, namely; Minister of Finance, Minister of Environment and Minister of State for BUMN.

In late 2007, NCSR began to hold a certified sustainability report training by inviting trainers from the Netherlands and Hong Kong. Participants who have passed this training receive a professional certificate called “Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist (CSRS)”. They are expected to have the ability to manage the CSR department and make sustainability report.

In 2008, NCSR began to hold an assurance training (verification of sustainability report) by bringing trainers from New Delhi, India. Participants who passed this training receive a professional certificate called “Certified Sustainability Reporting Assuror (CSRA)”. They are expected to have the ability to check the reliability of sustainability report.

In 2011, NCSR was appointed by the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) as the Official GRI Training Partner for Southeast Asia covering Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. Until the end of 2018, NCSR has around 1,800 alumni (CSRS certificate holders) spread across Southeast Asia, including 15 alumni from Bangladesh.

To develop the professionalism of CSRS holders, NCSR initiated the establishment of a sustainability professional organization / association called “Ikatan Praktisi Keberlanjutan Bersertifikat (IPKB)” or in English called “Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners (ICSP)”. This organization was founded in 2016 and hold the grand launching at Solo Sustainability Forum (SSF) on February 24, 2018.

Beside training CSRS and CSRA in the Southeast Asia region, NCSR also holds a Sustainability Reporting Awards (SRA) every year, since 2005 which is usually carried out at the Gala Diner in Jakarta. Starting in 2018, Sustainability Reporting Awards (SRA) changed into Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRR).

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