Commitment in developing
and implementing Sustainable Development Goals
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Goals & Objective

NCSR intends to gather the potential of companies, organizations and professionals in Indonesia to become the locomotive of Sustainable Development which is based upon the 3(three) main principles “Economy, Social and Environment” .

NCSR objective is to develop and use the potential of its members and organizations involved in Sustainable Development through the forming of Indonesian professionals to the need of the Nation and the World.

NCSR functions to developing standards and increase the quality of sustainability reporting, implementation of Good Corporate Governance, encouraging stakeholder trust, and as a catalyst for communication, consultation, coordination and other initiatives that is needed in Sustainability Management. For the purpose of having a healthy, high competing and sustainable business community in Indonesia.

Global Reporting Initiative
Certified Sustainability Reporting Assuror
GRI Standard & AccountAbility (AA1000)
National Center for Sustainability Reporting
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