Commitment in implementing
And developing Sustainable Development Goals
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Remarks from the Chairman of the Judges

August 20, 2013 5:53 pm

Globally, we see that the awareness of the importance of sustainability reports is widening rapidly due to the increasing concern towards sustainability. The environmental crisis that we are facing now is one of the main critical issues in sustainability. The question is; How does the shape of the earth look like for future generations? If we do nothing, obviously this crisis will continues to happen.

High energy consumption, illegal logging, water shortage, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, are all examples that reap the environmental crisis. It will affect economic growth, while from the social dimension; the environmental crisis is proven to lead increased levels of poverty. The question is; who is responsible for the environmental crisis? Certainly we are all responsible!

It is true that the corporations are part of the cause of environmental crisis, and therefore they should be part of the solution. More and more companies are now running their operation with respect to the issue of sustainability, adopting international principles and business ethics such as UN Global Compact and WBCSD.

As part of doing business in a more responsible manner, they also communicate the outcome of their sustainability practices in a report called sustainability reports. Through this report various stakeholders can assess the company’s seriousness in carrying out their commitment within the context of sustainability. Through this report, they can also improve the company’s reputation and competitiveness.

We welcome those who have issued sustainability reports. You have become a leader in sustainability management. You have demonstrated your transparency and increase your accountability. You have clearly disclosed your economic and environmental impacts and also how you deal with social issues which might impact you or your stakeholders.

We appreciate your efforts by granting awards to the best sustainability reports at the Sustainability Reporting Award 2013.

I wish you every success and looking forward to meeting you all at the 9th SRA event in December 2013.

Jakarta, 01 August 2013


Sarwono Kusumaatmadja
Chairman of the Judges

Global Reporting Initiative
Certified Sustainability Reporting Assuror
GRI Standard & AccountAbility (AA1000)
National Center for Sustainability Reporting