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Principles for Responsible Invesment


The Principles for Responsible Invesment or PRI Academy was developed to provide industry leading training for financial services, corporate and other professionals needing to understand how environmental, social and governance issues are impacting company performance, shareholder value and investment decision making.

The Academy’s global curriculum creates a body of knowledge and common language designed to upskill teams and professionals across investment and capital markets. PRI Academy courses feature content from leading international experts, real life and hypothetical case studies, financial modelling, and have been designed to help maximise the practical application of key ESG concepts in the shortest possible time frame.


  • Maximum flexibility, start and finish when you please, no travel, no pressure, no greenhouse gases.
  • Best practice approaches to investment and risk management.
  • The International “Gold Standard for ESG training”
  • Specialist content provided by global ESG experts.
  • A comprehensive and structured learning pathway to ESG integration featuring up-to-the-minute case studies, step by step theory, interactive tools and financial modeling.
  • Official “Certificate of Completion” From PRIA & CFA


Currently the PRI Academy offers three courses:RI Fundamentals – a short

  1. RI Fundamentals – a short 2 hour introduction to the basic principles that underly and define responsible investmentRI Essentials – a comprehensive examination of responsible investment from theory to practice
  2. RI Essentials – a comprehensive examination of responsible investment from theory to practiceEnhanced Financial Analysis – the Academy’s advanced course, which takes an
  3. Enhanced Financial Analysis – the Academy’s advanced course, which takes an indepth look in to the use of sustainability data in fundamental investment analysis.

The training is a combination of direct engagement and web-based testing.

PRI Academy courses have a one year (RI Essentials and Enhanced Financial Analysis) or six month (RI Fundamentals) licence. Structured learning programmes, progress monitoring and assessments are all managed inhouse by the Academy support team along with its online training platform.

Please note that Academy courses do not have prerequiste requirements. However, candidates considering the Enhanced Financial Analysis course are expected to have previous experience and knowledge in financial analysis and RI to gain the most benefit from the training. 


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Principles for Responsible Invesment Academy